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Say Cheese!

Odette, Retro Photo Booth Camper Is Ready To Party!

*punchy into here. we offer fun feelings*

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Photo Camper? Yes please.

Ready to roll up to your next event! This section provides an opportunity to let visitors know exactly how we can help them. Odette helps with weddings, parties, and non-profit things, anything!! We solve their kind of problems easily because we are **special**

3hr event - $1,000

  • Unlimited photo sessions

  • Two 2x6 photo strips printed per session

  • Text and share photos to your phone!

  • Customized photo strip layout to complement your event

  • High-quality props for added flare   

  • One or two attendants to ensuring smooth operation

  • Online gallery of photos available for download and sharing

  • Bluetooth speaker with your choice of music

  • Air Conditioning for a comfortable experience

  • Includes up to 30 miles of travel from the 30067 zip code. Travel outside this area will incur a small mileage fee.

We love events

So, its all about you. 

We're really passionate about making memories, team building and sharing special crap...Be real. It is a photo booth, and we think you should try it in person at your next event. The very next one. Don't wait - no reason to. Book now and Shasta will visit your event after the booth shuts down.

Could do an about us with pic in a new column in the section, but why? Whole section likely unnecessary

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